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#135 fixed /etc/shells or chsh needs patching broder jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


Moira's chsh uses /etc/shells to determine whether the user is trying to shoot themselves in the foot or not. We should either:

  • add /bin/athena/tcsh and /bin/athena/bash to /etc/shells (I think we can skip cruft that's in /etc/shells on Athena 9, like shells from the gnu or sipb lockers)
  • Patch chsh to use some new list (/etc/shells.moira) or something. That way we can also remove things like /sbin/nologin from the list, since on Athena 9, Moira will happily let you change your shell to that.
#136 fixed Can we use pam-afs-session? broder broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


It looks like we might be able to use Russ Allbery's libpam-afs-session package to replace libpam-athena-locker. An aklog_homedir option was added early in development, which would solve the problem with libpam-openafs-session that libpam-athena-locker was written to solve.

libpam-afs-session was not made available in Dapper or Etch, but all other releases we support should have one that's new enough to work.

   linerva / pag / andersk  20:42  (Anders Kaseorg)
       Does that work when $HOME is a symlink to AFS?

This should work, since aklog_homedir just shells out to "aklog -p $HOME", but we should test it, as well as the module in general.

It would be nice to have one fewer pieces of software that we're maintaining just for Debathena.

#137 fixed system-wide bash_login and login should not unconditionally punt zwgc on dialups broder jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


/usr/athena/lib/init/login and bash_login refuse to set ZEPHYR_CLIENT if /etc/athena/dialuptype exists. I'm told that this was done on purpose because Linerva maintainers do not think users want to be running zwgc by default in X forwarded ssh sessions.

This is not a decision we should be making for users. If I log into Linerva over a tty session from somewhere, I want zwgc. I expect it to run at startup like every single other Athena machine. The message it displays is not useful for people whose .startup.tty generates a fair bit of output, as mine does (if I have more, say, 20 new mails in my INBOX, then the message about zwgc has scrolled off the screen)

We should conditionalize this on whether or not someone has "fallback = true" in .zephyr.vars. If they have set this, they expect zwgc to be running on dialups by default, and thus will not be surprised by getting multiple zephyrgrams in X forwarding SSH session. If they have not set this, then either they run zwgc -ttymode by in .startup.tty (which will still work), or they don't expect zephyr to be running by default on dialups. It's still a change from the default behavior, and should be documented, but is better than punting zwgc unconditionally.

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