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#1311 fixed debathena-language-support is useless in Precise+ jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 11 years ago.


There are no more language-support-input-* packages, so debathena-language-support is empty. We should either figure out what should go in there, or delete it from the tree.

#1310 fixed Lucid can't upgrade to Precise if language-support-input-ko is installed jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 11 years ago.


This is caused by debathena-language-support, which hasn't seen any love in forever and should just die. We should also file an LP bug

#1308 fixed Don't set allow_weak_crypto adehnert

Reported by adehnert, 11 years ago.


Once sufficient progress has been made on Debathena #529 to let users get away without using 1DES, Debathena should stop setting allow_weak_crypto in /etc/krb5.conf.

Status wiki

We believe that:

  • On client machines, we can unset allow_weak_crypto once the users on the machine have strong keys and the servers they communicate have strong keys.
  • On application servers, we can unset allow_weak_crypto once the users connecting have a vaguely recent kerberos and the server has a strong key. (If it accepts passwords, the users also need to have a strong key.)
  • On the KDC, we don't care because it doesn't run Debathena.

Key rolling status:

  • FIXED: We believe that the cert update process will roll keys, so all (active-ish) users should now have updated keys.
  • FIXED: AFS servers now use a hack to use AES keys, plus mostly don't count because of krb5_allow_weak_crypto.html (see comment:3).
  • FIXED: Except for AFS (above), Server Operations' keys have all be updated (see comment:4).
  • FIXED: The PO servers (IMAP) have new keys
  • FIXED: SIPB services are generally rolled (contacting the maintainers is probably reasonable for anything that isn't, but we think that's done)
  • Presumably user outreach is required to get other application servers to roll their keys.
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