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#234 fixed Add libgl1-mesa-dev to debathena-thirdparty wdc

Reported by wdc, 15 years ago.


Thirdparty software from ansoft maintained by others has a silly hard-coded test for /usr/lib/

It turns out that the libgl1-mesa-dev adds this file, and has other value so rather than cutting into third party softare we'd like to add this to debathena-thirdparty.

See also testers-7831

#1406 wontfix liblocker does not build with current packaging vasilvv

Reported by vasilvv, 11 years ago.


Because it depends upon pkg-config for Hesiod and Zephyr, which are not in current Debian upstream (except for Hesiod in Jessie, IIRC).

We might want to solve the Hesiod problem by putting Hesiod into our repo. I do not know about Zephyr, though.

#1428 fixed Build for trusty vasilvv vasilvv

Reported by vasilvv, 10 years ago.


Currently blocks on me finishing the new buildsystem. If the buildsystem is not finished some time near trusty release, trusty build may become suddenly unblocked and I may suddenly experience acute feeling of guilt (possibly combined with physical pain).

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