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#968 Subsequent reboots after entering recovery mode will sit at the grub menu forever defect blocker -- fixed
#969 auto-upgrade needs to shut down X defect blocker -- fixed
#987 auto-update's check for metapackages being removed results in false positive on natty defect blocker -- fixed
#979 gdm's g-s-d sticks around after login defect high -- fixed
#615 Work with ops to begin aggregating metrics weekly and sending info to sysd_stats jdreed task normal -- fixed
#728 Installer should be more robust to network suckage jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#732 thunderbird-config should use new autoconfig jdreed enhancement normal -- fixed
#737 debathena-apparmor-config 1.2~ubuntu10.10 fails to install defect normal -- fixed
#813 Unity has rendered our docs and screenshots obsolete task normal -- invalid
#817 Athinfo query for USB HIDs jdreed enhancement normal -- fixed
#825 We need to support WPA2 on the login screen enhancement normal -- fixed
#835 auto-update should explicitly check for network enhancement normal -- fixed
#876 ytnef alternative defect normal -- fixed
#882 Stop honoring LPROPT in the wrappers defect normal -- fixed
#910 athinfo update-schedule reads the wrong file defect normal -- fixed
#977 "machine failed to install properly" image failed to install properly defect normal -- worksforme
#978 Possible installation hang with lvremove task normal -- fixed
#1013 Screen won't redraw when nologin-monitor window vanishes defect normal -- fixed
#120 Kill Athena finger with fire jdreed defect low -- fixed
#229 CUPS should not scan the local network for printers jdreed defect low -- fixed
#720 printing-config's lprm doesn't honor "-" as a job specifier defect low -- fixed
#826 cluster-cups-config does not uninstall cleanly defect low -- fixed
#874 Attribution for background image in gdm-config enhancement low -- invalid
#877 Re-sync moira with source task low -- THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING
#894 Consider changing display sleep time defect low -- fixed
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