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d-i and anna do not recover from network issues well

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So, there's #666 about mirrors.mit.edu having been _particularly_ bad in the past, but independent of that we occasionally see trouble with all mirrors -- I have one VM of six that's been waiting for over half an hour on security.ubuntu.com. We've found that apt doesn't deal with the following two cases:

  • If a file is corrupted, it does not attempt to re-fetch it (and doesn't report the failure until the current install run is done).
  • If a connection hangs, it does not time out and retry.

There is Acquire::Retries (see the apt.conf manpage), but I don't think it addresses these two cases; I assume we'll have to get upstream apt and anna patched to deal better.

Change History

comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by jdreed

#1020 notwithstanding, can we improve things by having the installer download everything first and check the return code?

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by jdreed

The installer is also incapable of telling you exactly what failed. (like, a URL, and the HTTP status code, so that you can double-check them).

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by jdreed

  • Summary changed from installer should deal with bad mirrors to d-i and anna do not recover from network issues well
  • Milestone changed from The Distant Future to Upstream Utopia

Now that the installer has been re-architected, we can change the default mirror instantaneously. I suspect that will be the best way to fix future suckage. And we now have athinfo in the install to figure out where we are and what went wrong. So I think this is an upstream ticket now.

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