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Port config-package-dev to Debhelper 7/8

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Debhelper 7 gained a lot of the cool stuff that people used CDBS for. If it's possible for something config-package-dev like to exist in Debhelper, then there's a strong popularity argument to moving our code to Debhelper + dh_configpackage.

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Okay, I have a first draft at this in  git://geofft.mit.edu/config-package-dev.git (forked from Anders' repo). It currently only supports divert and remove and not transform. The interface is that you list files in debian/PACKAGE.divert, debian/PACKAGE.remove, etc. instead of as Makefile variables. I've tested this with debathena-quota-config and it builds correctly with the following debian/rules:

#!/usr/bin/make -f

        dh $@ --with config-package

Honestly, very little was DH 7-specific (just --with config-package); dh_divert should work fine on older debhelpers. That said, DH 7 has explicitly been backported to Hardy, so we might as well use it.

The biggest outstanding issue is that there's not a good place to configure the divert extension. Options that occur to me:

  • in debian/divert-extension (a la debian/compat)
  • as a Makefile target, so debian/rules divert-extension or something prints it out
  • as a command-line option to dh_divert, but then basically every Debathena use will need to add an override_dh_divert: dh_divert --extension=.debathena stanza to debian/rules, which is annoying
  • as an environment variable when dh is called from debian/rules


comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by geofft

Oh, I guess the other thing we could do there is -O, which implements "optional options" (i.e., it's not a fatal error to not understand this option), and so dh $@ --with config-package -O--divert-extension=.debathena or something. But a) that's getting ugly from the user side, even if it's less ugly from the implementor's side, and b) then the log on screen shows that being passed to every dh_* command...

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by geofft

Once this is done we should tell the guy who submitted  DebianBug:384807 (another, less featureful dh_divert) to switch to config-package-dev for his site configuration packages.

Or rearchitect c-p-d sufficiently that we end up submitting a nicer dh_divert upstream and closing that bug, or something.

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Replying to geofft:

Okay, I have a first draft at this in  git://geofft.mit.edu/config-package-dev.git (forked from Anders' repo). It currently only supports divert and remove and not transform.

I've added transform support, also. Except rebases/squashing in the recent history of that repo, though.

Pending a little testing, and possibly some arguments over syntax, I think this is ready to be used now.

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Geoff committed this r25844 and I built it last night to -dev

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This went into production yesterday.

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